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Sparkling affair
Photo by Aya Brackett; written by Sara Schneider

Sparkling affair

Countless holiday toasts are fueled by sparkling wine, yet most partygoers don’t pay much attention to what’s in the glass they’re raising. But look deeper into the bubbles and you discover two terrific things: First, sparklers are fantastic with food. Their fairly low alcohol levels, bracing acidity, and texture from effervescence make the most of flavors and dishes that challenge many still wines: salty, fried, and spicy fare, for example, or soup. Second, sparkling isn’t just one kind of wine. The brut (dry) category we drink most often in this country offers four styles that taste very different from one another, each working its own special magic with the menu. We’ve designed dynamite appetizers to be spot-on matches for each wine style. Of course, no harm’s done if your guests sip and nibble outside the recommended pairings; bubbly’s food friendliness makes any combination here a good bite.


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