Cobblers and crisps

James Carrier
Anyone can make these simple fruit desserts

Cobblers and Crisps Recipes:


They are far from elegant, with the relaxed aspect of old friends, and names that express what many of us want to do when faced with making a piecrust: Buckle. Slump. Grunt.

"People want to bake with fruit, but they have the impression that pies and cakes are hard to make ― that they have to look good," says Carolyn Weil, a San Francisco Bay Area baker, writer, and cooking teacher. "But these desserts are comfortable and approachable. Anyone can make them, and they're at home on the kitchen table. "

Weil's recipes for unfussy summer desserts like easy blackberry cobbler, juicy peach pandowdy, and warm blueberry grunt leave no excuse for not taking advantage of summer fruit at its peak.


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