Desserts for every craving

Give in to decadence with these irresistible desserts worthy of special occasions or just a treat

Throw a bite-size chocolate party

Move over, cupcakes. Here’s the latest in little desserts

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Chocolate party tray
Photo by Annabelle Breakey; styling by Karen Shinto

Make it a snap

Hold a potluck. Assign a recipe to each friend. The booze, cream pies (in pan), and beignets (frozen) are easiest to transport.

Simplify the bar. Set out hot chocolate in a thermos, with nut- flavored or peppermint liqueurs so guests can serve themselves.

Cherry-pick. Choose one or two recipes (beignets should be on your list) and supplement with store-bought truffles.

Plan. Do a little each night. Each recipe can be prepared ahead and baked or set out on the day of the party.


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