The art of barbecue

Great recipes to try this weekend. Plus: a lesson with Santa Fe's Bill and Cheryl Jamison, masters of meat, smoke, and fire

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On charcoal: Following instructions for direct grilling, light briquets. When they're coated with ash, mound against one side of the grate into a slope. Allow coals to burn down until they reach desired heat level.

On gas: Following instructions for direct grilling, pre-heat burners. If you have three or more burners, leave two adjacent burners on high and turn the remaining burners anywhere from medium to low, depending on recipe. If you have two burners, leave one burner on high and turn the other on medium to low.

Recipe: Sage-rubbed Pork Tenderloins with Sage Butter
Brown these tenderloins over high heat, then finish cooking on a cooler part of the grill. Drizzle with a simple sage-scented sauce.

Side dish: Santa Fe Corn Pudding
This savory, custardy pudding is best when corn is at its ripest ― but we'd never turn down a batch made with frozen corn.


On charcoal: Light 75 to 85 briquets in a chimney starter. Fill a drip pan (roughly 8 by 6 in.) to the brim with water and set in center of fuel grate. When coals are coated with ash, use tongs to arrange in a ring around drip pan. Set cooking grate in place. Cover grill and use a heatproof long-stemmed thermometer to take interior temperature through lid vent. Close grill vents as needed to bring temperature down to 300° (do not close vents all the way; the fire will go out). Scatter 2/3 cup drained soaked wood chips over coals just before adding meat.

On gas: If you have three or more burners, put drip pan in center under cooking grate, set grate over it, and turn outer burners to high. If you have two burners, put drip pan to one side and turn opposite burner to medium-high. Put 2 cups soaked wood chips in grill's smoker box or wrap chips loosely in foil, pierce in a dozen spots, and put directly on one of the hot burners. After about 20 minutes of preheating, reduce heat as needed to bring grill temperature to 300°.

Recipe: Achiote-and-Orange Pulled Pork
Real, slow-cooked barbecue takes time, but this dish is truly worth it. The Jamisons pile the succulent meat on bolillos or other small rolls that they've smeared with mayonnaise, then top with queso fresco, avocado slices, and a squeeze of lime. We also like layering the sandwiches with Chipotle Coleslaw.

Side dish: Chipotle Coleslaw
This may look like your grandma's coleslaw, but it sure doesn't taste like it. 



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