6 takes on the Bloody Mary

Iain Bagwell
Tomato juice gives these recipes a kick

Whether you're craving the favorite brunch cocktail in its pure form or want to experiment with a daring spin on the classic, here are our favorite Bloody Mary-inspired recipes.


Bloody Mary: The classic, in all its glory.

Garden Bloody Mary: Grow all (or some) of the ingredients in your own backyard for a super-fresh take.

Fresh Bloody Mary: The Kellogg's Breakfast beefsteak tomato makes for a glass of sunshiney-gold.

Sangrita de Toro: A spicy reboot of the classic, with tequila instead of vodka.


Bloody Mary Flank Steak with Grilled Onions: Add some of the drink's typical accompanimentsWorcestershire, horseradish, tomatoes, onions―to a good steak for this zesty dish.

Bloody Mary Marinade: The seasoning that makes the steak dish, above, so tasty.


22 pickles & condiments recipes: Find creative Bloody Mary garnishes, from pickled green beans to chiles.

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